Tracksy | FAQ

How do I create music?

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Click on the “Tracksy Create” or “Tracksy Revamp” button at the top of the page.
  3. With the Tracksy Create tool start creating your own unique music simply by entering a text description in English in the text box of our Text To Music tool or select “With Genre/Mood” to create music from a drop-down of genres and moods.
  4. With the Tracksy Revamp tool, upload a music stem (instrument or loop by itself) and then select the following parameters according to your preferences and click “Create”. And then you will get back a full-length, fully mixed, arranged, and instrumented version with your music incorporated into it. This is a one-of-a-kind AI music-to-music tool. It’s like outpainting for music.

Where does my Track go after I create it?

Your track goes to your library after creation. You can get to the library by clicking on the “Library” button in the top right corner of Tracksy.

How can I delete tracks?

You can delete any track by navigating to your library and clicking on the trash can icon next to the track you want to delete, allowing you to declutter your Library.
These tracks will be deleted permanently so be very sure that you don’t want the track before confirming the deletion.

Is attribution to Tracksy required when I post a track to Youtube, TikTok, Twitch or any other social media platform?

Attribution is required for free users only. If you want to give attribution to Tracksy as a paying user you can if you’d like but it is not required. Attribution should be shown like this and added to the description or the image of the post: “Music Co-Created with”

Can I monetize my songs on YouTube?

Yes, but only if you are subscribed to one of our paid plans. If you are a free user, then you can only use your tracks for non-commercial uses. This means any use for monetization is not allowed. If you would like to use your songs commercially, you would need to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

What are some examples of full commercial use?

Full commercial use includes any use that generates revenue. This includes monetization on sites like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok etc. and social media advertisement campaigns. It also includes licensing your songs for use in TV, film, advertisement, Apps, gaming, podcasts etc.
If you would like to use your music you created with Tracksy with full commercial use, simply subscribe to our “Creator” plan or “Professional” plan here: paid plans.

If I subscribe to one of the Tracksy paid plans after creating music on the Free plan, will I get commercial rights to those tracks I made on the Free plan?

Yes, as long as you remain on a paid plan you get the rights to use the tracks commercially. Even tracks that were made while on the Free plan.

Who owns the tracks I create on Tracksy?

You own the tracks you create with our Tracksy Revamp tool as long as you created them while on a paid plan. However, we never own the tracks you create with Tracksy Revamp since it will incorporate your own music into the track.
We own the tracks you create with our Tracksy Create tool. Full buyouts of the tracks are available upon request. Make the request to

As a songwriter, if I write my own lyrics to the tracks I create with any of Tracksy’s tools, do I still own them?

Yes. No matter if you are on a paid or free version of Tracksy you still FULLY retain all ownership and rights to any original content you create from Tracksy’s music.

Can I re-make or re-program a track I made on Tracksy?

With the Tracksy Create tool as long as it is an “inspired-by” version and not copied directly then it is ok to do so. And you must remain on a paid plan to do this.
With the Tracksy Revamp tool, you can do anything you like with the music, stems, output created with this tool. You own the track.